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Guttering Brisbane

You will see a major difference in your house after handing over the Re-roofing and the Re-guttering work to NSA Roofing. With over a decade of experience in roofing in Brisbane, NSA Roofing has been one of the major companies that have uplifted the market. In fact, major shift in the changing of older tiles, asbestos roofs and tin to Colorbond or Zincalume was pioneered by NSA Roofing. If you’re looking for a complete solution to your roofing issues, NSA Roofing will provide you the best results. Committed to customer service, quality and work ethics, NSA Roofing is a one-stop solution for any property that is located in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast.

If you have taken up the re-roofing project and NSA Roofing is doing it for you, you are provided with an opportunity to install insulation in the roof cavity. 75mm Anti-con insulation blanket is what is recommended by NASA Roofing to all its clients located in Brisbane and QLD. This system is installed directly above the battens and below the roof sheets. It is very effective in controlling the condensation that takes place under the tin sheets. As a result, the lifespan of this material is prolonged. In fact, most of the clients who have installed the insulation blanket have witnessed a significant difference in the temperature. As it can be installed with any type of roof, including the rock ceiling or racked ceiling, it has become an ideal choice of insulation for most people in this area.

The re-roofing, re-guttering and installation process generally involves:

  • Already existing roof material removal
  • Replacement of all concealed brackets while re-guttering
  • Re-spiking of all brackets
  • Corners are cut for the guttering and installing full length runs in every possible area
  • New downpipe droppers are cut and installed wherever it is required
  • The roof cavity and the existing sheets are vacuumed and PVA Glue done
  • New metal battens are installed in any place, which is broken or damaged
  • All the existing reusable battens are re-screwed
  • The new 75mm Anti-con blanket is installed and the valley flashings are all replaced
  • On client request insulation blanket is laid
  • 50 MM screws are used to lay the new roofs as they provide better pull down
  • A water tight finish is given by scribing all the available barge and ridge flashings
  • Further rusting or future rusting is prevented by using petrol blower to remove the swarf
  • Penetration flashings for chimneys, skylights and flues are fitted.
  • The site is cleaned up and inspection of all work done is done before completion and hand over to the client.

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