Anti-Con Blanket:

Are you looking for superior thermal insulation? The best option is to get Anticon blanket, which is a combination of reflective insulation and a glass wall. It provides an excellent thermal insulation, prevention of condensation process in metal roofs and also noise reduction. This product has been created specifically for homes that contain metal roofs to bring down the thermal effect. As it is made using a glass wool blanket, which is tucked to the foil facing, the radiant heat that is entering is reduced to a greater extent during the summer season. Similarly, during the winter season, it prevents condensation taking place. During rainy season, it reduces the noise of water fall entering the house to a greater extent (up to 13dB). As it comes in different thickness one can choose the one that suits their needs.

The benefits it provides:

  • Reduces the temperature and keeps cool
  • The amount of heat loss during winter is reduced
  • Condensation is controlled in winter season
  • Noise entrance is reduced
  • Green gas emissions are reducedAlmost 65% of the materials used are recyclable, making it an environment friendly
  • It meets the BCA energy efficiency requirements and thus cuts down cost.


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