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is one of the most critical and, quite often, misunderstood of all home maintenance projects in . Taking a short-cut when restoring a most often results in higher construction and energy consumption bills as well as future maintenance problems for the owner. A low-quality or improperly installed ing and poor workmanship can leave you out in the cold – both literally and figuratively.

NSA ing in will walk you through on some of the things you should look out for when it comes to .

Remove old material

Whatever material your is made out of – tin or tile or even slate or shingles – your covering should be removed down to the battens or rafters. You never know what could be lying under the old cover. There might be damaged areas that need to be replaced. Remember that a damaged left in place can cause dire structural problems in the future.

Replace damaged wood

Rotten or even slightly damaged materials must be replaced, no questions asked. Fastening a to a rotten or soft wood will cause it to shift, or come loose and your new might be leaking soon after it is installed. Don’t wait until the damage is dire and your needs major work, do it at the first sign of trouble.

Make sure there is continuous ventilation

A system that is improperly ventilated will only shorten the life of your . When restoring or installing a replacement , ensure that your new will include continuous ventilation at the peak and the beginning rows of each area. Some houses employ a soffit area so air flow can pass through the attic space and then out of the peak area. If your design doesn’t allow for ventilation at the peak and bottom, ask your ing contractor if they can install vents at locations that will let air flow through.

Choose the right type of ing materials

This is a critical point. For all intents and purposes, it is recommended that you select quality materials to avoid frequent repair or reconstruction. You can choose modern materials that are durable, lighter and cost effective to save on the cost of ing materials. When selecting materials, ask us how long it will last and its sustainability. This will help you save on cost of materials, extend the beauty of your and decrease the incidence of repairs.

Hire an expert to do the job

Yes, you can attempt to do it yourself. But working on a can be a dangerous mission – precautionary steps need to be taken to prevent serious injury. If you cannot do the repair yourself, go with the professionals and hire an expert contractor, then you can be confident that your is in the best hands. Likewise, make sure that the team you hire is using the right tools and materials on the restoration process. Choosing the right ing company is also very importance because this will ensure that you will get quality service.

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