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Re Roofing Brisbane

Is your looking tired?
Is your leaking or is daylight visible when you stick your head in the manhole?

Call NSA ing immediately for your free inspection!

NSA ing will replace your old tired with an impeccable, light weight, wind resistant Colorbond® or system! In no time at all you will be staring at a masterpiece that functions perfectly, looks great and is something you and your family will be proud of!

The process from start to finish:

  • First our trade qualified estimator will measure the (not a salesperson). This allow us to determine size, complexity and all the details that go into ensuring an accurate quote is given.

  • Once you approve the quote, we will install our safety edge protection on your building where required and deliver all your materials.

  • We then remove the in stages ensuring that your is watertight at all times during the job including overnight.

  • Any asbestos is removed safely, and strictly according to government safety guidelines by NSA ing’s licensed tradespeople and all decontamination procedures followed.

  • We then install any new battens required to replace old split battens, install any insulation our customer has requested.

  • The new is installed, complete with class 4 fixings (better than standard fixings).

  • Finally, all rubbish is removed and your property is left clean and tidy along with the removal of any edge protection that was installed.


All NSA ing’s customers are backed not only with a 6 year labor warranty but also the warranty that gives customers a 25 year piece of mind on material.

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