Roof Gutters Brisbane

How To Choose The Right Gutter For Your Brisbane Roof

Roof Gutters BrisbaneHow To Choose The Right Gutter For Your Brisbane Roof

Your roof is not just about the materials that cover your house. A rain gutter might be a small part, but it nevertheless plays an important role in any structure’s roofing system. Not only that, but getting a good material for your rain gutter is a long-term investment for your Brisbane home. Hundreds of thousands feet of gutter are installed each year throughout Brisbane, yet there is not so much information available to guide customers when they are installing or replacing rain gutters on a roof.

What Is A Gutter?

To put it simply, a gutter is a trough that collects rain water running off a roof. It then channels the water to downspouts, carrying the rain water to the ground and away from the home’s siding, windows, doors and foundation. Open gutters are the most commonly used form of gutter, but aside from collecting rain water, it also collects leaves and other debris that cause clogs in the gutter or sometimes in the downspouts. This can be a fire hazard during dry season because dry leaves can serve as kindling; while during heavy rains, clogged gutters and downspouts can cause rainwater to overflow and damage your building and landscape. This is why open gutters should be regularly checked and cleaned to avoid clogging and for it to function properly.

Types Of Gutters

Gutters are made from many types of material and can come in different colours. If you need a new gutter installed, or your old gutter needs repair or maintenance, always ask a roofing expert to help you choose the type of gutters available on the market. Aluminum gutters are the most common used gutter because it is lightweight. It is available in many colours. Vinyl gutters are lightweight and easy to work with. It also requires minimal maintenance since it is rust resistant. Galvanized steel gutters, meanwhile, are considered the most economical gutter. They are strong and durable, but can be heavy. Also popular options are stainless steel gutters, which maintain their sheen, and the more expensive copper gutter that never rusts or rots. Gutters are either made in sections or they are constructed in one seamless, continuous piece. Sectional gutters are available in long sizes, some as long as 20 feet. These sections are then attached using snap-on pieces that connect the gutters and downspouts together. If your roof has sectional gutters, watch out for leaks that can occur at the seams. Seamless gutters, meanwhile, are very popular because they require minimum maintenance and if there is a problem, they are easy to repair. Seamless gutters are often customized to fit your home. A professional roofer will cut or trim the gutters to your home’s specifications. Seamless gutters are available in aluminum, galvanized steel or copper. They also come in a variety of colours, which are painted and baked on the metal when it is made. Houses, especially in areas where rains are frequent visitors, need gutters. Aside from keeping you dry, gutters are also an excellent tool for collecting rain water, which you can use to water your garden or lawns.

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Roofing Contractor In Brisbane

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor In Brisbane

Roofing Contractor In BrisbaneQuestions You Should Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor In Brisbane

Roofing problems can come as a surprise and you may not have enough time to research thoroughly for a Brisbane roofing contractor. When time is of the essence, you should have your questions ready to ask the roofing company that is available to offer their services to you.

You have to keep in mind that it is possible to be successful in hiring the first available roofing service provider you encounter if you know exactly what to ask and what answers to expect.

1. Is the company insured and licensed?

This is a very important question because the license and insurance policy of the company will prove their ability to provide you with the service that you need. Never accept a proposal without checking this information.

2. Will the company be willing to send a representative to do inspection and evaluation?

It is also essential to know if the roofing contractor is going to send a representative to your premises for inspection and assessment – and also to provide suggestions and an accurate quotation. You have to know that you have the right to ask for free estimates and if a company is not willing to provide that, you should move to the next candidate.

You should also be informed about how the contractor is going to go about the whole project – the time frame they can give, the kinds of materials to be used, and the rest of the details pertaining to the installation or repair process.

3. Can the company provide you with the service that you need?

Not all roofers offer the same services. This is an important fact that you have to keep in mind. It is important to make sure that the roofing contractor is an approved provider of the proposed system you want to use. For instance, you want a roofing service for your high-rise building; a regular roofing company may not be allowed to perform that. Does their insurance cover working at heights? Even if the company says they can, you should insist on asking for proof. This is where references can come in handy. Make a request for a list of previous clients – along with contact details – that have hired the company for similar service that you need

4. What is the current workload of the company?

This question covers two aspects; the number of projects the company is working on and the number of employees they have at hand. If the company is working on a lot of projects, it could mean that a lot of people trust them. But, if the company does not have sufficient number of employees to match the workload, it could be that they may not be able to prioritize your needs. Sometimes though, a high workload does not really matter, especially if the workers are highly skilled and can guarantee completion on time.

For a big project, be sure that there will be either a foreman or a supervisor – also make sure that the person holding one of those positions is qualified. You need to make sure that there is one person that will watch and supervise the rest of the crew as they work, at all times.

NSA Roofing in Brisbane meets all these requirements. If you are looking to get your roofing done by a reputable, qualified roofing contractor in Brisbane, or anywhere in Queensland, give us a call on 1300 492 663.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos Roof Replacement Brisbane: Don’t Cut Corners

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Asbestos Roof Replacement Brisbane: Don’t Cut Corners

These days, in Australia, a roof made from asbestos is considered unsafe and the increasing concern over this is the main reason why asbestos removal is a roofing operation that is highly recommended. An asbestos roof that is in good condition and left undisturbed is actually not an immediate problem. But when it starts to become damaged, asbestos materials will be airborne and that is when the danger will start to occur.

Main Concerns Regarding Asbestos Roofing

Everyone’s main concern is the family or the people living or working at home or in the commercial building that contains asbestos. If your structure has an asbestos roof, it is best to make sure that it is in good condition. If damage is evident, you should contact an asbestos roof removal contractor right away to get rid of the hazardous materials and to have them replaced with a more eco-friendy roof.

Exposure to asbestos particles that have gone airborne is a great risk to health. When inhaled, these particles are going to stay in the lungs, and after some time can cause diseases such as: lung cancer, pleural disorders and malignant mesothelioma.

How to Find the Most Reliable Brisbane Asbestos Re-Roofing Contractor

There are many roofing contractors in Brisbane that offer asbestos removal and replacement services. It is always recommended though to choose wisely when hiring a roofing service provider, especially when asbestos is involved. You should be vigilant in your search and it is advisable to pick at least three contractors and then compare their services and rates. You can ask for referrals from family and friends, or you can search online. Getting free online quotes is a good idea as this step will assure that you get to see how much a service costs that is being offered by each contractor.

For re-roofing services in Brisbane, the contractors should be able to explain the importance of getting rid of your asbestos roofing and replacing it with a more environment-friendly roofing material like tiles or Colorbond metal.

A reliable re-roofing contractor will also send a representative to your place for the evaluation and an assessment of the condition of your roof. It is important that you understand every single detail about the condition of your roof, the performed assessment and the recommended solutions. Do not sign into anything without full understanding.

Reminders to Home or Building Owners

If you have no experience with roof replacement or repair jobs, you should let the professionals do them. Repairing a roof made of any other material should be alright, but an asbestos roof should only be touched by someone or a team of individuals who have the knowledge, licensing and the skills for such projects.

Asbestos roofing removal services should be used even if you just want to re-roof and there is no damage to the roof. It would be best though to vacate the property during the asbestos removal and roof replacement processes.

In addition, keep in mind that even the professionals may not find it easy to know for sure if a building has asbestos. So, proper assessment is really required.

If you need to replace your old asbestos roof and would like a free no obligation quote you can contact us here at NSA Roofing via our contact page, or give us a call on 1300 492 663.


Roof Restoration In Brisbane: Doing It The Right Way

Roof Restoration In Brisbane: Doing It The Right Way

Roof restoration is one of the most critical and, quite often, misunderstood of all home maintenance projects in Brisbane. Taking a short-cut when restoring a roof most often results in higher construction and energy consumption bills as well as future maintenance problems for the owner. A low-quality or improperly installed roofing and poor workmanship can leave you out in the cold – both literally and figuratively.

NSA Roofing in Brisbane will walk you through on some of the things you should look out for when it comes to roof restoration.

Remove old roof material

Whatever material your roof is made out of – tin or tile or even slate or shingles – your roof covering should be removed down to the battens or rafters. You never know what could be lying under the old roof cover. There might be damaged areas that need to be replaced. Remember that a damaged roof left in place can cause dire structural problems in the future.

Replace damaged wood

Rotten or even slightly damaged roof materials must be replaced, no questions asked. Fastening a roof to a rotten or soft wood will cause it to shift, or come loose and your new roof might be leaking soon after it is installed. Don’t wait until the damage is dire and your roof needs major work, do it at the first sign of trouble.

Make sure there is continuous ventilation

A roof system that is improperly ventilated will only shorten the life of your roof. When restoring or installing a replacement roof, ensure that your new roof will include continuous ventilation at the peak and the beginning rows of each area. Some houses employ a soffit area so air flow can pass through the attic space and then out of the roof peak area. If your roof design doesn’t allow for ventilation at the peak and bottom, ask your roofing contractor if they can install roof vents at locations that will let air flow through.

Choose the right type of roofing materials

This is a critical point. For all intents and purposes, it is recommended that you select quality materials to avoid frequent repair or reconstruction. You can choose modern materials that are durable, lighter and cost effective to save on the cost of roofing materials. When selecting materials, ask us how long it will last and its sustainability. This will help you save on cost of materials, extend the beauty of your roof and decrease the incidence of repairs.

Hire an expert to do the job

Yes, you can attempt to do it yourself. But working on a roof can be a dangerous mission – precautionary steps need to be taken to prevent serious injury. If you cannot do the repair yourself, go with the professionals and hire an expert roof restoration contractor, then you can be confident that your roof is in the best hands. Likewise, make sure that the team you hire is using the right tools and materials on the restoration process. Choosing the right roofing company is also very importance because this will ensure that you will get quality service.

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New Website Launched

New Website Launched For NSA Roofing

The team at NSA Roofing are proud to announce the launch of a new responsive website. The new site has been developed using WordPress using a responsive design meaning customers can access from their mobiles and tablets as well as their desktop computers.

“We have seen a large increase in mobile searches and devices accessing our site from tablets so we decided to create a new site to cater for our users” said Andrew Gardiner, the companies Owner.

Andrew used the same company that built their first website, Eye Candy Media, a Brisbane based web design firm. “We have always been happy with the service from Eye Candy Media so it made sense to get them to redesign our current site from scratch using the latest technologies”, Mr Gardiner added.

All customers have been encouraged to submit feedback to NSA Roofing via the contact page on their website.



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